Child Reusable Face Mask (3 years +)

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Kooshy Kids now stocks masks for kids! 

Face masks can be used an extra protective measure against viruses. 

Our masks are designed to block airborne exposure and also to help prevent your child from touching their face after coming into contact with potentially infected surfaces.  


  • Environmentally friendly

  • Made from breathable and soft 100% cotton

  • Adjustable straps

  • 18cm x 12cm (may vary slightly according to design, Bunnies design is 2-3 cm larger than the other designs)*

  • Washable / reusable. Wash in hot water and dry with heat. Do not machine wash masks with valves. 

For masks pictured with a valve, please note: our valve masks contain a layer of cotton plus a space for a filter and then another layer of cotton between the valve and the nose/mouth. They are different to regular valve masks where the valve goes straight through the mask without a filter. Our masks provide protection for both the wearer and others and make it more difficult for particles to escape the mask than regular masks with valves. 

  *As our masks are handmade, there may be slight variations in their sizes. There may also be slight size variations between designs. Despite the variation in sizes, the masks will fit all adults using the adjustable straps. 

Please note that our masks do not come with any guarantees in relation to not becoming infected with a virus. They are an extra protective measure and should be used in addition to the standard government advice (hand washing, social distancing etc). 

The wire above the nose assists with breathability, however please be aware that with constant bending and adjusting, the wires have the potential to be exposed (very rare, but possible). To avoid this, please try to avoid making constant adjustments/bending to your mask. With children's masks, please monitor this carefully.

We recommend that you wash the mask before first using it and regularly after use. 


By placing this order, customer acknowledges that Kooshy Kids Pty Ltd is not a medical product manufacturer and that Kooshy Kids Pty Ltd has made no representations or warranties as to effectiveness of this product or its suitability for use. These products have not undergone testing.
No warranty of fitness for any particular purpose, warranty or merchantability or any other warranty express or implied, has been made by Kooshy Kids Pty Ltd concerning the product/s described in this product description. 

Click here to watch video on how to effectively wash your reusable face mask