NEW Plane Hygiene Kit

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The NEW Plane Hygiene Kit contains everything you need to have the reassurance of having a germ-free flight the next time that you fly. 

Kits are available for both adults and children. 

Each kit contains:

  • Reusable Face Mask (3 layer cotton with filter pocket)  *
  • 10 Pack of Filters *
  • 30ml Hand Sanitizer
  • 4 x Antibacterial Wipes
  • Washable Plane Seat Cover (made from antibacterial, non-woven fabric)*
  • Washable Tray Table Cover (made from antibacterial, non-woven fabric)*
  • Washable Seat Back Pocket Insert (made from antibacterial, non-woven fabric)*
  • 2 x Teeth Wipes
  • Clear PVC Cosmetic Case
Items marked with an * can also be purchased from Kooshy Kids separately.  

The antibacterial wipes can be used to wipe down the surfaces on the plane that you are likely to come in contact with. These include the armrests, the seatbelt, the overhead vent and the remote control and or screen.

The Plane Seat Cover will provide you with the ultimate protection, as it covers the full length of your seat. It has ability to tuck up underneath your seat, limiting its ability to move around when you are asleep or moving about. It is made from non-woven, antibacterial fabric and is washable so that you can use it on future flights.

The Tray Table Cover is especially important as this is generally the most germ-ridden part of the aircraft. The cover can be used in regular seats as well as on the vertical trays found in the bulkhead rows and in Business Class. It is made from non-woven, antibacterial fabric and is washable so that you can use it on future flights.

The Seat Back Pocket Insert allows you to have your own storage space, eliminating the need to touch the inside of the plane’s seat back pocket. You can store all of your essentials in this insert knowing that it won’t contain any germs from previous passengers. It is made from non-woven, antibacterial fabric and is washable so that you can use it on future flights.

Small spaces are germ breeding grounds so it is important to avoid using the bathroom on an aircraft whenever possible. This is why the kit contains Teeth Wipes. Simply remove it from the packet and place it on your finger and wipe of your teeth. You will notice a minty flavor and it also cleans the surface of your teeth without the need to visit the bathroom.

There you have it... the new Kooshy Kids Plane Hygiene Kit.

I hope that this will provide you with the peace of mind that you need for future travels.


Customer Reviews

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Sue Ellen

This kit literally has everything that you need to feel hygienic and safe from germs on a flight. My favourite inclusions are the plane seat cover and the seat back pocket insert. I think they are both so clever and given everything that's happening in the world, the extra eace of mind is appreciated.

Paige F

I got 2 for my kids and then went back and got 2 for me and my husband. They have made me much more comfortable about our upcoming trip


With these kits you dont need to worry about anything hygiene related because its all in the kit! Hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, covers for surfaces, mask and filters. Its got everything.


So many on the plane asked me about the seat cover and other covers. I dont think I could back to flying with out these things.


These kits made me realie how disgusting planes were. The seats, the seat back pockets and the trays. I have seen how quickly they change over planes and there is no way that they can give them a thorough enough clean in that time. For that reason I will use the kooshy covers on every flight from now on.