This promotion entitles customers to free Rapid Antigen Testing Kit/s when they reach spend thresholds.

Thresholds and free kits are as follows (only when entering the code FREERAT):

Spend $50 - One free kit

Spend $100 - Two free kits

Spend $150 - Three free kits

Spend $200 - Four free kits

  • Thresholds are excluding shipping costs and are per order. 
  • There is a maximum of 4 kits per order. No additional kits can be purchased and if an attempt is made to purchase additional kits, they will be instantly cancelled and refunded. 
  • Items ordered to reach the threshold in this promotion are strictly non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances where a refund is granted, the free kits issued will be charged at $15.95 per kit plus a $30 administration fee. 
  • Failure to enter the promotional code (FREERAT) will result in being charged full price for the kits. The code cannot be applied retrospectively and refunds for the tests purchased will not be issued. 
  • Orders that do not meet the required order threshold and contain RATs as well as other items will have their RATs canceled and refunded. Other items may be fulfilled if available.
  • The Rapid Antigen Test Kits are not available for individual sale and cannot be purchased outside of this promotion. Any orders placed for the kits without reaching the minimum spend thresholds above, will instantly be cancelled and refunded. 
  • All promotional orders are final and cannot be cancelled once confirmed. 
  • This promotion cannot be applied retrospectively to existing orders.
  • Delays to the delivery of the Rapid Antigen Test are out of our control and are not a valid reason for cancellation or refunds. The ETA is an estimated delivery given to us by our supplier and is subject to change. 
  • All items ordered with the kits will be sent together once the kits reach our warehouse. If required separately, additional shipping will be charged. 
  • Any problems encountered with the R.A.T. will be directed to our supplier. 
  • This promotion is limited to 100 free kits.