Kooshy Kids Parent Backpack Warranty

Parent Backpack Warranty Information

Please note that this warranty has been written with consultation with the ACCC. 

Parent Backpacks should be carefully inspected upon receipt both internally and externally. All zippers should be thoroughly tested. If any part of the backpack appears faulty, you must report this via email to info@kooshykids.com.au within 48 hours of receipt.

Broken zippers and other faults reported after this period will be deemed as misused and will not be covered under this warranty.

The maximum weight that should be packed in the backpack is 6kg. If  more than this is packed, it may cause internal lining to tear and this is not covered under our warranty. 

This limited warranty does not cover:

  • Defects or damages resulting from misuse of the product, including but not limited to; spills or stains, misused zippers and breakages caused by exceeding the specified weight limits 
  • Internal backpack tears occurring after first use (this product has been carefully tested and internal tears are the result of misuse/over packing and therefore not covered under the warranty).
  • Products sold as samples or seconds (at markets/fairs/expos and not via our website). 
  • Expected wear and tear
  • Postage costs.

Returns Procedure:

All items must be returned in accordance with the below procedure or the application will not be accepted:

Email: info@kooshykids.com.au and include proof of purchase, a description of the fault including any images where possible. 

If directed by Kooshy Kids, pack and return the item in the original packaging and send to us using the prepaid label that we send you. 

Once we receive the item, we will assess it and may manage repairs or issue a replacement at our discretion. The repair process may take up to three weeks.