*Kooshy Kids Compact SMART Pump

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The Kooshy Kids Compact SMART Pump is a revolutionary new product. It is USB powered and inflates your Kooshion and other products super fast! The pump can also double as a power bank, charging any USB powered device. 

Weighing only 145g, it easily fits in one hand. Pop it in your handbag and use as an every day phone charger. 


Product Specifications:

Weight: 145g

Size: 5.15cm x 7.7cm

Lithium Battery: 3600mAh

Power: 15.5w

Maximum Inflation Pressure: 2.1kPa

Uses: Kooshy Kids Kooshion, air mattresses, inflatable pools and inflatable toys. 


  • Pump
  • Manual
  • 50cm USB/micro charging cord
  • 4 x air nozzles