*Space Saver Travel Bags - Family Set - Kooshy Kids

*Space Saver Travel Bags - Family Set

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Our Space Saver Travel Bags will change the way that you pack for your holidays!

Our Travel Bags are ideal for protection from moisture, spills, dirt, insects and odours.

Our Family Set contains:

  • Pack of 4 medium Space Saver Travel Bags (50 x 70cm)
  • Pack of 4 large Space Saver Travel Bags (60 x 80cm)
  • Multi-purpose Compact Pump (optional, although one of these pumps is required to enable suction). 

How do they work?

1. Pack the bag with your clothing/pillows and other soft items.

2. Seal the bag.

3. Use either our Compact Battery Pump or Compact Smart Pump to remove the air from the bag in only 10 seconds.

Your bag is now up to 75% smaller, freeing up space in your suitcase!


Want to take your pillow or child's doona/blanket on the plane, but it takes up too much space? Perfect! Your pillow will compress by 75%. 

When it's time to come home and you have dirty or wet items, simply put them in a separate travel bag, seal and compress to ensure they are completely separate from your clean clothes.

You can also use the bags to store liquids and avoid nasty spills.

Space Saver Travel Bags v Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are great, however they usually contain mesh, which means that your clothes are exposed to moisture, spills, dirt, insects and odours.

If you are like me and love packing cubes...don't stress...you can still pack your clothes in packing cubes and then pack the cubes in to the Space Saver Travel Bags. It will still have the same compression affect and your clothes will still be neatly organised.