Kids Creation Station Showbag

Kids Creation Station Showbag

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This year, we can't go to the Melbourne Show...but that doesn't mean the Show can't come to you. 

We are super excited that this year, Kooshy Kids is an official authorised Showbag reseller and we have a great selection of Showbags that you can have delivered to your door. 



A great choice for all kids! This deluxe art set includes a wide variety of art supplies for drawing, colouring and painting.

Includes a Canvas Art Bag, Art Smock, a 64 page Scrap Book and a 153 piece Art Set (Crayons, Coloured pencils, Colour textas and 6 paints). This all-in-one creation case has a special nook to keep each pencil, texta, crayon in place, organised and accessible!


Kids Creation Station Showbag Contents:

Kids Creation Station Canvas Art Bag

Kids Creation Station Art Smock

Kids Creation Station 153 Piece Art Set

Kids Creation Station 64 Page Scrap Book



 Total Value $110.00 save $80.00