*The Kooshy Kids 3-in-1 Infant Travel Bed

*The Kooshy Kids 3-in-1 Infant Travel Bed

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The Kooshy Kids 3-in-1 Infant Travel Bed is a multi-functional all in one baby travel solution and a must-have item for all parents of infants. 

Australian designed and owned, the spacious nappy bag can swiftly transform into a bassinet for sleeping and a portable nappy changing station! It is a smart and practical solution for all parents when on the go.

✔ 5 EXTRA LARGE POCKETS give plenty of room for nappies, clothes, toys and more! It's all the storage you'll need for your baby's belongings
✔ 2 OUTER POCKETS perfect for storing Mum or Dad's personal items like phone, purse and keys
✔ INSULATED POCKET for hot or cold drinks and/or food

Safety & Comfort
✔ INNER SIDE MESH WINDOWS (both sides) allow extra airflow and breathability ensuring your baby sleeps safe and sound*
✔ STRONG DURABLE VELCRO to attach corners of bassinet together for added security and stability preventing your baby from rolling out

✔ MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS including comfortable padded shoulder strap and pram hooks

Quality Material
✔ WATER-RESISTANT MATERIAL making cleaning away little accidents fast and simple

Product Specifications

Bag Size: 40cm x 38cm x 11cm

Bed Size: 47cm x 78cm x 18cm

Weight: 1.9kgs

Material : Polyester, waterproof

Colour: Black

Special Features:

✔ DETACTABLE dummy pouch with antibacterial lining

✔ HOLES to fit portable mobile to hang toys etc


*See below for safety instructions: 

  • Make sure the bed cannot tilt while the baby is in it - ensure the bed is placed on a flat, stable surface
  • Ensure all straps are securely fastened outside of the bed and not a chocking/strangulation hazard
  • Do not leave your baby unattended in this bed
  • This product is not a baby carrier and should not be used to carry your child
  • This product is not suitable for use on an aeroplane
  • Do not put pillows or toys in the bed with the baby (toys can be attached to the mobile above)
  • Babies should always sleep on their backs.
  • Many babies can roll from their sides onto their tummies, so they should not be put to sleep on their sides. 
  • Put babies into the bed with their feet at the end of the bed.
  • Put your baby's feet at the bottom of the bed, then cover him/her so that he/she cannot wriggle under the bedding.  
  • Make up the bed so that the bedclothes just come up to the baby's shoulders and the baby's head cannot go down under the bedclothes.
  • For more information on safe sleeping for babies click here

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