Kooshy Kids SMART Family Passport Wallet (with inbuilt USB Charger)


This stylish and convenient Family Passport Wallet is the perfect way to keep all of your travel documents, money, phone and credit cards together when travelling. 


-6 x passport pockets

-6 x credit card pockets

-Pop-up usb charger, a charging cord with iPhone/iPad and usb micro sim connections

-Mesh coin purse with zip

-Side pocket with zip (for boarding passes and other travel documents)

-Pen holder and pen

-Family Travel Smart Card (a convenient card created by us where you can record your family's passport details together so you don't need to get them all out individually when competing arrival and departure cards/customs declarations etc. 

The 5000mA hidden pop up usb charger allows you to charge your devices on-the-go. You can be charging your phone inside the wallet, whilst travelling. 

Using the USB output, the pop-up charger will charge all devices using the charging cord provided (iPhone/Micro USB).

Please note that all of the passport wallets have approx 1cm of loose stitching around the credit card area to allow for bulky storage. This is deliberate and not a fault. 

Dimensions: 28cm x 14cm x 4cm (when empty)
Weight: 350g


Kooshy Kids Family Passport Wallet FAQs

What is the battery of pop-up charger?

5000mA lithium battery.

 Will it charge an iPhone from flat to fully charged?

Yes! iPhone battery is usually 1900mA, so you will be able to charge your iPhone 2.5 times. 

How do you charge the Family Passport Wallet?

Using the included cord, you charge the wallet via usb. It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge. 

Is the charger compatible with all devices?

It can charge anything that is normally charged via a usb cord. 

Is this device allowed onboard planes?

Of course! There are no airline restrictions for this device. 

 For instructions on how to use please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Life saver

In a world of devices, this wallet and it’s cables have saved me many times. The kids pop their iPads on when we’re in transit and I can pop ny phone on when I need.

Mother Fucker Jones Sh
So useful won’t travel internationally without it

This is the perfect accessory for anyone traveling overseas. I used it for my family but will also use when I travel alone. Everything fits in well and the built in charger is 💯 such a great idea.

Sara R

Exactly as described with excellent customer service. I love how organized this wallet makes me when I travel

Megan Lucas

Having all of the family passsports in the one place is great and then there is the bonus of a place for a pen plus the charger and all of the places for cards and coins

Danielle Q

A beautiful wallet with everything that you would expect in a passport wallet plus more. The inbuilt charger is so handy and the wallet makes me feel super organised.