Kooshy Kids Foldable Travel Tray-The Hygienic Way to Travel

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This is designed to be your little one's special travel companion. The Kooshy Kids Travel Tray is ideal for playing, colouring/drawing, watching their iPad, eating on and more!

Featuring an ergonomic design, this travel tray goes anywhere they do, fitting swiftly to their car seat, stroller, high chairs and best of all - on the tray table of planes. 

Did you know that Plane Tray Tables have 8 times the amount of germs that the Airplane's toilet flush buttons?!?

...Go on, Google it! Yuk! This product ensures that your child's food and belongings are contained within a hygienic and easy to clean space. No more picking up toys from under seats and in the aisle. 

Made from durable nylon, it features buckles to fasten, pencil/texta holders, an iPad holder and a four mesh storage pockets, perfect for holding all of their essentials. 

There is also an option to have an inbuilt USB charger! Just charge the tray at home before you leave and then charge your devices on-the-go! 


  • Folds to be compact 36cm x 21cm x 4cm (folded)
  • Weighs only 890g
  • Ideal to use on the plane, car or on strollers
  • 4 x mesh storage pockets
  • Washable (recommend wet cloth)
  • Clear plastic iPad holder
  • Foldable front wall 
  • Material: Polyester
  • Optional built in USB charger 

Plus, receive a FREE drawstring bag for storage. 

The plastic iPad holder is designed to fit iPads with dimensions of 240 mm x 169.5 mm (or less) x 7.5 mm.

PLEASE NOTE: The plastic iPad holder will stretch over a few uses, however you need to be careful when first placing the iPad in the holder to avoid it ripping.

Tears to this plastic are not covered under it's warranty. 

For car use, we recommend use for 3+ years.