MKR My Kitchen Rules Showbag

MKR My Kitchen Rules Showbag

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This year, we can't go to the Melbourne Show...but that doesn't mean the Show can't come to you. 

We are super excited that this year, Kooshy Kids is an official authorised Showbag reseller and we have a great selection of Showbags that you can pick up from us or have delivered to your door. 



My Kitchen Rules Showbag Contents:

MKR Tote Cooler Bag

MKR Apron or Serving Board (Choose one)

MKR Bamboo Utensils Set or Glass Eco Coffee Cup (Choose one)

SHOT 1 SUP™ (50mL vial)

Violet Crumble Bag 180g

Ocean Spray Craisins Low Sugar 30g

Fairy Platinum Plus Lemon Dishwashing Tablets 15 pack

Kellogg's LCMs Poppers Chocolatey 100g

Fairy Platinum Easy - Lemon Dishwashing Spray 300ml

Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Oyster Sauce 45g

TABASCO Sauce 3.7ml

Kewpie Mayonnaise Sriracha Flavour 20g

Sunsol PRO-biotic Toasted Muesli 50g

Dilmah INFUSIONS 4 pack sampler




Total Value $141.00 save $111.00!