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This year, we can't go to the Melbourne Show...but that doesn't mean the Show can't come to you. 

We are super excited that this year, Kooshy Kids is an official authorised Showbag reseller and we have a great selection of Showbags that you can pick up from us or have delivered to your door. 




Check out our new Unicorn showbag! It comes with an A4 Notebook, Badges (Pack of 6), Decals, Earrings (Set of 2), Hair Extension, Nail Art Glitter (Pack of 4), Necklace, Stationary Set, Socks, BFF Bracelet (Set of 2), & a Duffle Bag all in a handy Unicorn Tote Bag!

Showbag contains: Notebook Size: 28x20cm Weight: 132g 30 Lined Pages Duffle Bag Size: 45x36x22cm Weight: 220g Decals Size: 24x15cm Weight: 10g Badges Size: 13.5x9cm Weight: 16g Pack of 6 Stationary Set Size: 22×13.5x2cm Weight: 72g Contains a Ruler, Pen, Eraser, Sharpener & a 30 Page Blank Mini Notebook Hair Extension Size: 45×5.5cm Weight: 14g Nail Art Glitter Size: 14.5x12cm Weight: 24g Pack of 4 Glitter Necklace Size: 11×10.5cm Weight: 10g Earring Set Size: 9x8cm Weight: 2g 2 Pairs Unicorn Poo Putty Size: 7x7x2cm Weight: 50g BFF Bracelets Size: 10.5x9cm Weight: 6g 2 Pieces Socks Size: 7.5x10m Weight: 36g Wand Size: 31x2x2cm Weight: 66g Non Woven Bag Size: 40x38x11cm Weight: 55g **Contents subject to change on availability - items will be replaced to the same or greater value **


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