Spending Christmas abroad? This could be just what your family needs!

Spending Christmas abroad? This could be just what your family needs!

Spending Christmas abroad? This could be just what your family needs!

Firstly, Merry Christmas from Kooshy Kids!

We are feeling extra festive this Christmas as it’s been a busy and exciting first year for Kooshy Kids! Plus for one of our team members, it’s her first Christmas as a mum!

Let’s face it, Christmas is really all about the little ones and seeing the delight on their faces when they unwrap a gift… it’s a great time of year.

For many people, it’s also a key holiday time, their biggest break away from work and the ideal opportunity to spend quality time with family. It is also a great opportunity for travel and you may consider spending Christmas abroad.

Packing up the kids and escaping the chaos, the shopping, the mandatory extended family Christmas lunch…. no cooking, no cleaning, no awkward encounters with relatives you see once a year… it really does sound appealing, doesn’t it?


So, have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend Christmas abroad?

You will discover a different kind of Christmas together as a family.

Experiencing how Christmas is celebrated by different cultures is a very enriching and rewarding experience, particularly for children. Spending Christmas abroad will open their eyes to how other people celebrate the festive season and give them a wider understanding and appreciation for the holiday.

It can be fun and fulfilling to do something new as a family, you will be giving them a unique Christmas and one they will always remember!


Best things about spending Christmas aboard...

  • Escape the hectic Christmas chaos, no shopping and no exhausting big extended family get-together
  • Relax and enjoy quality time with those you love the most
  • Discover a different type of Christmas with different traditions
  • Experience and learn something new as a family


Worst things about spending Christmas aboard...

  • You might miss catching up with family you only see at Christmas
  • You will have to transport a few gifts for the kids to unwrap on Christmas Day


Wondering what the kids will miss out on?

When travelling with kids at Christmas, it’s important to remember they may still want to have some of their favourite Christmas traditions. You can take some traditions with you, but also encourage your kids to embrace some local traditions or get excited about having a new and different Christmas adventure.

Christmas traditions you can still do abroad...

  • Bake and take with you Christmas treats, gingerbread or shortbreads, to snack on during the flight.
  • Sing Christmas carols anywhere, anytime during the trip.
  • Take Santa hats to wear on Christmas day, great for family photo too!
  • Open Christmas gifts (small portable and useful travel friendly gifts, or take your kids shopping at your destination.
  • Book somewhere in advance for Christmas lunch.

Don't forget to notify Santa of your change of location before you leave!


Where to go?

 Of course, you will need to decide where to go for Christmas.

What type of Christmas do you want?.... a snowy white twinkly magical Christmas or a warm relax by the pool type of Christmas. If you have some family overseas you may want to combine the reason for travel at Christmas, visit family and have a holiday.

Decide on the type of Christmas you want to experience abroad, and then start your search for the ideal location and give your kids the gift of travel at Christmas.


Kooshy Kids' top picks for where to spend Christmas abroad 

  • New York – the city has great festive charm, with a huge tree at Rockefeller Center, fantastic shopping and the promise of snow for a white Christmas!
  • Germany – Christmas markets!! Need we say more!! Most German towns have beautiful Christmas markets, with lights, coral singers, market goodies and mulled wine for the parents.
  • Bali – A wonderfully warm and friendly place to spend Christmas, escape to a destination where there is plenty for kids to do, plus plenty of places that will serve you traditional Christmas food.
  • Christmas Cruise – Cruising for Christmas offers an option to either enjoy most of your usual celebrations onboard, Santa will visit the ship, or totally escape from it all, relax and spend quality time with the family.

 The world is filled with Christmas possibilities and Kooshy Kids is happy to be helping families with travel products for stress-free family travel.


See our range of products to make your Christmas travel extra Kooshy including our Oh What Fun Ultimate Travel Kits.


Oh and we wish you a very Happy New Year! 

Love from the team at Kooshy Kids!