Product Instructions

Please find instructions and safety information for the Kooshy Kids Kooshion  Kooshy Kloud Family,  Passport Wallet and Kooshy Band Headphones.  

For both products, we recommend that you practise using at home before travelling so that once onboard you are an less thing to stress about. 

Kooshy Kids Kooshion


Once the seatbelt sign has been turned off, take out your Kooshion, stretch it and then place it on the floor in position.
Ensure clear valves are facing the aisle and are firmly in place and begin inflation into the black valve on the lower chamber (the larger one).

Once the Kooshion feels firm, cease inflation and close the valve. Repeat for the upper chamber. 

Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy your Kooshy flight.

There are several ways in which the Kooshion can be used including in different seats and for bigger children and adults. See the diagram below for examples:


  • You may need to top up the air if there are regular changes in pressure throughout your flight.
  • Use the pump connection that fits snug into the black valve. (avoid piercing the Kooshion by using the pointy connection).
  • Adjust the air in lower chamber to get the desired height...or do not inflate the upper chamber and turn upside down to use as a foot rest (recommended for bigger children and adults).
  • Practise inflation and deflation and play with valves multiple times to loosen them before your flight.






To deflate, pull black valves and push down on your Kooshion.
Roll it down towards the valves to remove all air. Full deflation should occur in a matter of seconds.

➡️ To watch a video on deflating and packing away your Kooshion, click here.  page2image16803584 page2image16802624 page2image16800320

Kooshy Kids has an unwavering commitment to safety in all parts of our business. We believe that no business priority comes before safety.

The Kooshy Kids Kooshion should be used under the following conditions;

  • It is packed and securely stowed during taxi, take-off and landing and is only inflated once the seatbelt sign is switched off
  • It is not used in an exit row
  • It does not block access to the aisle for other passengers
  • The rapid deflation valves must face the aisle for easy access
  • The child's seatbelt is fastened at all times
  • Children using the Kooshion should be supervised at all times
  • Children’s feet/legs should be placed on the Kooshion rather than their heads

It is only used in the seats pictured below or according to specific airline guidelines.

➡️ To watch our safety video, click here. 



Kooshy Kloud


Once you are seated, take out your Kloud, and open the outer valve (note there are two, the deflation valve is big and you can see into it...inflating through the deflation valve will almost be impossible by mouth!) Here is a pic of the valve that you should be opening to and using to inflate:

Kooshy Kloud Double Seal Valve

You can use your mouth to inflate to your required firmness (approx 10-20 breaths) or you can also use one of our battery or smart pumps for inflation in around 5 seconds.

TIP: Most prefer it to be a little squishy so that it can be easily adjusted to how you need it to be. 

Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy your Kooshy flight.

There are several ways in which the Kloud can be used (by children, adults, infants etc)...see pics in the product description HERE for examples. 


To deflate, pull the big valve and air will escape rapidly. Push down and roll out the air towards the valve.

Safety and other considerations:

~ Please be mindful and considerate when using this product that it does not spill out on to the aisle space and that it remains within your seat space~

Always supervise your children whilst using the above products and ensure you take care when placing an infant on the Kloud whilst on your lap. Airline seatbelts/extenders should be used whenever you are seated. 

Family Passport Wallet

To charge your wallet use the cord provided. Press down on the square and the ports will pop up.

Kooshy Kids family Passport Wallet

The larger port (USB) is what you will use to charge your devices with using the power of the passport wallet's inbuilt power band. (See image above). 

The smaller port (micro) is what you will use to charge the wallet (pictured below). The miso cord goes into the port and the USB end will go into a wall or other charger. Charging is complete when all lights are illuminated. 

Kooshy Kids Passport Wallet Charging Cord