User Instructions for the Self Inflating Products.

User Instructions for Kooshy Kids Products

1. Self-Inflating Kooshy Kids Kooshion

2. Self-Inflating Sky Bunk

Charging the Pump:

  1. Initial Charge:

    • Upon receiving your item, charge the pump using the included charging cord (type C).
    • Important: Do not use a charger that is too powerful, as it may not charge the pump.
  2. Charging Options:

    • Option 1: Remove the pump by unscrewing it from the device and charge it separately.
    • Option 2: Leave the pump in place and charge it directly, although we recommend removing it to make charging less awkward.
  3. Charging Indicator:

    • While charging, a red light will appear.
    • Once fully charged, the light will turn blue.
  4. Reattachment:

    • Once charged, return the pump to the device and secure it.

Inflating the Device:

  1. Prepare for Inflation:

    • Ensure the orange valve is turned all the way clockwise tightly.
    • Remove the green cap.
  2. Start Inflation:

    • Double-click the button on the pump.
    • The pump will turn on and begin inflating the device.
    • The device is fully inflated when the noise changes or the device feels firm.
  3. After Inflation:

    • Press the button once to stop the pump.
    • Replace the green cap.
  4. Test Inflation:

    • Leave the device inflated for 12 hours or overnight.
    • If significant air loss is noticed, email within 48 hours to maintain your warranty.
  5. Deflation and Storage:

    • If the device remains inflated, deflate it and store it back in its bag.
    • To deflate, pull the rapid deflation valve and optionally unscrew the orange valve for faster deflation.
    • Push air out through the holes as you fold the device on your lap.
    • Replace all caps to avoid misplacing them.

Usage on a Plane:

  1. Inflation in Place:

    • Inflate the device on the plane seat without a child on it to ensure a proper fit.
    • Avoid forcing the device into place to prevent punctures.
  2. Comfort for Your Child:

    • Once inflated in place, your child can sit or lay on the device for comfort.

Understanding the Valves:

  1. Rapid Release Valve:

    • Located at the top of the device, black and clear in color.
    • Used for rapid deflation and can be used for manual inflation if the pump battery is depleted.
  2. Orange Valve:

    • A safety air release valve that should be tightened clockwise.
    • Ensures air is released safely during rapid cabin pressure changes, preventing the device from bursting.
  3. Green Cap and Black Button:

    • The green cap protects the self-inflate pump.
    • Remove the green cap to use the self-inflate function and replace it afterward.
    • The pump can be unscrewed for easier charging.

Important Safety and Maintenance:

  • Conduct a risk assessment before using the device.
  • Ensure all valves are secure and the pump is charged.
  • Regularly inspect for any damage or wear.
  • Keep caps securely fastened to avoid loss.

By following these instructions, you can ensure a safe and comfortable experience with your Kooshy Kids products. For any issues or additional support, please contact us at