Kooshy Kids MyTag Instructions

Here are the instructions for how to use your Kooshy Kids MyTag.

Required systems: iOS 14.5 / iPhone 6s and above. (The latest version of iOS, iPadOS or macOS is recommended. The Find Items app on Apple Watch require the latest version of watchOS).

  1. To power the tag on or off, press the switch in the centre of the tag once. It should make multiple high pitched beeping sounds in a row to indicate that it is powered on. To power off, hold the same button for 5 seconds. You will hear a two-time beep to indicate it is switched off.

  2. Open the Find My app on your iPhone.  

  3. Ensure bluetooth and your network are enabled on your device.

  4. Press the on/off button to power on your MyTag and listen for the multiple high pitched beeping sounds. In the “Find My” app, click on “Add New Item”. Select “Other Supported Item” ( do not choose "add AirTag'). Once your MyTag is located, tap “Connect”. Enter a name and choose an emoji. Tap “Continue”. Find My will ask for confirmation of the item being linked to your Apple ID. Tap “Agree” and “Finish” and your MyTag will be set up and ready to use. 

To disconnect/power off:

To disconnect your Kooshy Kids MyTag from you device, go to the Find My app and select “Items”. Click on the item name you gave to your MyTag and scroll to the bottom to select “Remove Item”, then tap “Remove”. Once removed, the item will no longer be findable using your device.

To switch off the MyTag, hold the button for 5 seconds and wait for the two-time beep.