Think Outside the Cabin: Get Creative with your Kooshion

Think Outside the Cabin: Get Creative with your Kooshion

Think Outside the Cabin: Get Creative with your Kooshion

When you think of the Kooshy Kids Kooshion, the first thing that comes to mind is no doubt its comfort during air travel. But hold onto your seats (or cushions!), because we’re about to unveil a world of possibilities that extend far beyond kids and plane cabins.

Our versatile cushion with its two chambers and adjustable inflation levels, opens up a world of creative uses that cater to comfort and convenience in ways you might never have imagined.

Kooshy Kids Kooshion

Your Cosy Footrest

How about turning your Kooshy Kids Kooshion into a regular ADULT footrest? Simply inflate to your desired height—1/3, 2/3, or full—and enjoy elevated comfort whether you’re in the sky, at home, in the office, or at the beach.

Kooshy Kids as adult footrest

Beach Bliss
From sandy shores to grassy hills, your Kooshion can become your instant beach bestie. Inflated to 1/3 height, it provides a comfortable spot to prop up your feet or your head to keep an eye on the kids in the water, soak in the sun, and enjoy those breathtaking ocean views.

Elevate Your Workspace
Bid adieu to uncomfortable work desk setups! Elevate your feet and legs using the Kooshion while working at your desk. This clever trick takes pressure off your back, ensuring you can focus on tasks without the usual discomfort.

Pet Transportation
If you have two Kooshions, you can place them in the foot space and your pets cannot crawl under and end up at your feet. It also provides a nice 'kooshy' surface for them to rest on when on the road. 

Extend Your Seating Space
Need more room on the couch or an additional seat at the dining table? Inflate the Kooshion to the required height and create a seamless, extra surface space whenever you need it.

Nurturing Relief: Blood Clotting Challenges
For individuals with blood clotting-related illness and disease (e.g. DVT, Thrombophilia, Dysautonomia) comfort and health, take on a whole new meaning. The Kooshion offers a gentle, supportive surface that eases discomfort whilst also promoting better circulation whilst feet and legs are elevated. 

Recovery and Relief
Whether you’re recovering from an injury or simply like to elevate your feet or legs, the Kooshy Kids Kooshion is here to help. Adjust the inflation levels to find the perfect positioning for comfort, relief and recovery.

Kooshy Kids Kooshion

Picnics and Camping Perfection
Who says camping can’t be comfortable? Use your Kooshion as a footrest by the campfire, ensuring you’re free from the discomfort of uneven ground. It’s also an ideal spot to perch during picnics and outdoor gatherings.

Kooshy Kids Kooshion camping

Keep it Clean in the Car
No more dropped toys and mess on the car floor! Place your Kooshion in the footwell of your car and create a designated space for toys and snacks. Road trips just got a whole lot tidier.

Adventure on Rails and Waves
Trains, boats, and ferries become more enjoyable and sleep-friendly with the Kooshion. Whether you’re on a scenic train ride or cruising the open waters, your cushioned footrest and/or bed will be your comfort companion.

A Child’s Trampoline (Almost!)
You can almost use your Kooshion as a trampoline! While we can’t guarantee gravity-defying bounces, its resilient support might elicit some giggles and wiggles. JOKES-do not try this! (Check out the video below for my clever demo) .

This video was filmed after a competitor made a comment on socials that Kooshy Kids was cheap quality and would burst because it was made from PVC.

Knowing that this couldn't be further from the truth, I jumped with my full body weight and surfed on it lol, I demonstrating the product’s strength and quality. 

Funny story…that same competitor/brand (I won’t mention their name, has since jumped on the PVC bandwagon and changed their core material from Nylon to PVC!) 

From soaring skies to sandy beaches, from office spaces to camping grounds, the Kooshy Kids Kooshion is your companion for comfort and convenience across a myriad of settings. Its adaptability, thanks to the two chambers and adjustable inflation levels, opens up a world of creative possibilities.


Universal Cushion Cover


Did you know that we have made a cover to protect your Kooshy Kids Kooshion from floor germs and surface level punctures? 

If you’ve bought another brand of plane cushion (Plane Pal or Fly Tot), don't worry, we still love you and it will fit your cushion too as our cover is universal and will protect your investment. Shop it HERE!