Kooshy Kloud - NEW!



Do you want to fly in complete comfort in the confines of your Economy seat?

The Kooshy Kloud is the ultimate solution and there are NO AIRLINE RESTRICTIONS!  

The Kooshy Kloud is an inflatable pillow that has been specially designed to "cuddle" you so that you can achieve optimum comfort within the confines of your plane seat. Unlike other products, this has NO AIRLINE RESTRICTIONS! 

Suitable for both children and adults, the Kloud is inflated by mouth (approx. 15 seconds, deflated in approx. 3 seconds) and can be placed behind and around you, or in front, with its arms wrapping around your waist.

For parents travelling with infants, it can be used in front of you if you are feeding, or just want a nice "kooshy" space for your arms to rest on whilst your baby is resting on you. For adults not travelling with infants, it is ideal for the window seat...not only does it provide good back support and a comfy place to rest to your arms, but also provides head and body cushioning against the window, making it easier to sleep. 

For young children, it can be used both seated as well as flat on the seat for resting their heads on, which is perfect for when used in conjunction with the Kooshy Kids Kooshion, as it achieves a hygienic and super comfortable space to sleep on. 

The Kooshy Kloud can be inflated to your preferred firmness to achieve the perfect level of comfort. Whilst some prefer it nice and firm, others prefer it squishy and moveable...the choice is yours. 

Weighing only 200g, this is the ideal way to feel the comforts of Business class in your Economy seat! 

Benefits include:

  • No more carting around pillows that take up all of your hand luggage space (lightweight and small)
  • No more arm rest battles and discomfort 
  • No more tired arms from holding your baby
  • A comfortable flat space for your baby to rest
  • Your children can stay in their own space instead of sprawling out all over your lap 
  • No airline restrictions 

The Kooshy Kloud can also be used at home, at the airport or on buses and trains. It's also a great feeding pillow for when you're on the go! 

You have the option to add a drawstring backpack for an additional $10 (normally $16.95). 

Always supervise your children whilst using this product and ensure you take care when placing an infant on the Kloud whilst on your lap. Airline seatbelts/extenders should be used whenever you are seated. 

For product instructions CLICK HERE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Love the Kloud!

Definitely a must have item for traveling with kids (or great for adults too). I recently used it on a flight to feed my baby, balance bub on while my toddler was sick and the toddler used it to sleep on too. It’s a nice cozy smooth non sticky fabric too.

Jacki Mallet
☁️ Ultimate flight comfort ✈️

This cushion is the most comfortable flight accessory I have ever come across. You can inflate it as tight or squishy as you wish which is so great and it makes sleeping much more likely. 😴

I have told everyone I know about these…they are so good for the entire family and I cannot recommend them high enough. I just purchased another two so we don’t fight over who gets to use it again. Thanks Kooshy kids 💛

Cindy Anderson

First the Kooshion and now the Kloud. Wow Kooshy Kids. You always manage to produce such wonderful products that really do change the travel experience. I wish I had your products when I was a child. The Kloud was so easy to use and compact when deflated. It literally cuddles the kids and I think this feeling helps them to sleep...they melt into it. So great.


What an amzing prouct. It is so easy to inlfate and provides a super comfy space. Recommend to anyone as I believ it could be used by all ages, even adults.


We used our cloud last week and it was so god ( I wish I had taken pics). My son is 5 and it cuddled him and allowed him to get a decent sleep without encroaching in our space. We usually use the Kooshion but chose to try this out and next time we use both together. I am also going to buy one for myself because I love to rest on the window.
It was easy to inflate -6 big breaths and you can make it tight or squishy.