5 of the Best Travel Hacks for 2023

5 of the Best Travel Hacks for 2023

5 of the Best Travel Hacks for 2023

Firstly, let me clarify that a travel hack is not something that involves hacking into the systems of travel companies, hotels, or airlines. A travel hack is a "trick" or "idea" that can help you make your travel easier, more safe, or help you to save money. Travel hacks are meant to make your holidays more fun without extra effort.

Since the opening of the Australian borders, I have been on 5 international trips, some involving visiting many countries and all using these travel hacks which if you don't know yet, will change the way that you travel in 2023 and beyond. 


1.  Apple Air Tags

Given the huge increase in misplaced luggage recently, having tracking devices in your suitcase can not only offer you peace of mind that your luggage has made it on the plane with you, but also that you are able to find it if it misses the plane....and quite accurately (newer phones -iPhone 11 or newer can be tracked within a few metres). People with airbags in their checked luggage have been able to pinpoint which room in the airport their "lost" suitcase was in!

Here's how to use them:



Do you own a Samsung instead of an iPhone? 

The Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus are trackers that work exclusively with Samsung smartphones and use the Galaxy Find network. Finding the SmartTag shouldn’t be difficult, especially with its range of 100 metres. 


2. Packing like a pro

Guilty! I am the classic overpacker. Going for 5 nights, I'll pack 35 outfits just in case. 

Whilst it may be okay when I'm travelling alone, when I am with the kids I prefer to pack as light as possible (so there is more room for my outfits)...especially when it is difficult or expensive to access laundry facilities. 

I layout each outfit on the bed, fold them and then roll them and secure them with a rubber band. I place each outfit in the packing cube, so that once it's time to get dressed, it's easy for the kids to just grab out a pre-prepared outfit. I know its clean, I know that the outfit matches, so we are good to go. 

Rolling is so much better than folding, you'll fit a lot more in the cube and it makes everything more accessible. 

Here's how it's done:



3. Don't leave your passport behind

Despite considering myself a "savy" traveller, I am guilty of once leaving my passport in the hotel safe and not realising until I was at the airport...not cool!

A genius way to prevent this from happening is to put one of your travel shoes (for me it's a sneaker) in the safe with my valuables. When it's time to get ready for the airport, the inability to locate my one sneaker reminds me to clear the safe.

You're welcome!


 Kooshy Kids Hotel Safe Hack

4. Waterproof that case!

La Niña and every other possible weather system seems to be reaping havoc around the world at the moment and heavy rain and flooding are no longer phenomenons. 

The feelings of stress and frustration when you see the downpours, not knowing whether your luggage is sitting on the tarmac or even undercover, worrying about water seeping through and damaging your belongings is awful. Fear not – if you don’t have a waterproof suitcase (or even if you do, just to be safe), I have another solution for you!

Simply use packing cubes (with no mesh), vacuum sealed bags or line your suitcase with plastic (bin liners), that way, you’ll avoid the misfortune of all of your belongings getting wet and stinky – and all you’ll need to do is let your suitcase dry out once at your destination. 

You can also purchase rain covers that go over your case for additional protection. Not pretty, but definitely clever. 

Kooshy Kids Suitcase Rain Cover
5. Seat selection

Not even the loved up couples like the middle seat – it’s squishy and less comfortable than a standard aisle or window seat. It’s especially not nice when traveling alone and having to sit next to a stranger who loves a chat, has a 'pong' about them, is random who sleeps on your shoulder, or is someone with bad breath or with annoying plane habits. NO THANKS! 

If there are 2 or 4 of you in any row, book the aisle and window seat. If your flight is not full, it is unlikely that someone will pick a seat between two people that they don’t know – so your chances of having some extra space are at least a little bit higher! If you do have someone allocated in the middle, It is very likely that they will opt to swap with an aisle or window seat if you offer. In my experience, it's definitely worth a shot! 


Kooshy Kids middle seat


So there you have it. Some of my very best travel hacks. I have MANY more, which I regularly share on my Insta (click here to follow).

If you have any hacks that you'd like to share, please DM me on Insta or email me at louisa@kooshykids.com.au....I love sharing travel info that helps other travellers out! 

Happy travelling....and HAPPY 2023! 

Louisa x