6 Family Christmas Holiday Tips You Must Know

6 Family Christmas Holiday Tips You Must Know

6 Family Christmas Holiday Tips You Must Know


A family Christmas holiday can be a wonderful experience. It can fill you with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Christmas is a magical time to be surrounded by loved ones, friends and the spirit of the holidays. However, it is also one of the busiest travelling times of the year. But, not to worry - there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a family Christmas holiday and these few tips will make your trip a breeze!


Christmas Holiday Tip #1: Play Santa

If you’re planning a holiday over Christmas and will be away Christmas Day, be sure to wrap your gifts early if you are taking them with you. Always pack each gift carefully to avoid damage during transit. You can even take a separate extra suitcase, with a lock on it, full of the pre-wrapped presents and your children’s Christmas stocking or sack for Christmas morning too. If you don’t have the extra room to travel with a gift you could always ship it to your destination before you leave home to save you from travelling with it (just remember to then think about how you will get it back home). Or for large gifts that are too big to travel with you can use technology to your advantage. With fun apps like ‘Catch Santa Claus’ you can show your kids Santa delivery their gift to home and get them excited for what is waiting for them when they return. 

Christmas Holiday Tip #2: Don’t Forget

Make sure that you plan a trip that is enjoyable for the entire family. Choose a destination that has something for everyone, so that each person has something special to enjoy during the trip. If you’re visiting extended family in a destination not of your choosing, do some research beforehand and find family friendly activities or close by places that will appeal to particular family members. Make sure that your trip is long enough so that you give everyone a chance to enjoy their favorite activities, it’s Christmas after all.


Christmas Holiday Tip #3: Weather Planning

If you are planning outside activities, check ahead with the weather forecast and pack and plan accordingly. Don’t get the sunhats and sunscreen if you’re going somewhere warm or if you are flying off somewhere to going skiing, make sure to check the snow conditions and think about hiring your snow gear at your destination to avoid travelling with excess luggage.


Christmas Holiday Tip #4: Arrive Early

When making travel plans over the silly season, always buy tickets as early as possible. During the Christmas holidays airlines and other forms of transportation, tend to fill up very early. If you’re flying, check online to see that your flight is on time before you even leave home and make sure that you arrive at the airport early. If you are travelling by car for a long road trip, it is also best to leave early as the roads can be at their busiest during that time of year.


Christmas Holiday Tip #5: Don’t Forget The Chef

If you are having a family gathering, which may include Christmas lunch or dinner, always pitch in to help with the cooking or clean-up. Catering to an entire family is a real job and it requires a lot of work. Therefore, any extra help that you can provide to a family member, who is acting as chef for the day, will definitely be appreciated. If you are planning to eat out with the family on Christmas Day, choose a family friendly restaurant that everyone will enjoy, remember to book early and re-confirm closer to the day. Eating lots of good food on Christmas is usually a high priority for everyone on the day! 

Christmas Holiday Tip #6: Santa Questions 

One of the best ways to enjoy a family Christmas vacation is by simply being together. When your children start asking questions like "How will Santa find me if I’m away from home," have your responses ready and reply with reassurance that Santa can always find them or perhaps write a letter together to tell Santa where they will be. It is these little moments that will be treasured forever and nothing will ever take their place.

Your kids won’t believe in Santa forever so why not enjoy this special time of year together making memories on a Family Christmas Holiday!