Six Easy-To-Pack Travel Snacks for Kids

Six Easy-To-Pack Travel Snacks for Kids

Six Easy-To-Pack Travel Snacks for Kids

One of the best ways to keep your little one entertained while travelling is with food, right? I’m sure we can all agree that happiness comes from full tummy after all! Below, we’ve made a list of some of our go-to snacks to pack for the kids, whether you’re travelling in the car, on a boat, train or on a plane.

These are six easy to pack travel snacks that we love – mostly because each idea can be easily altered to different shapes and flavours for fussy eaters.

Apple and nut butter

Apple and nut butter is a classic snack you just can’t beat! Try almond butter or peanut butter with a red or green apple, depending on your child’s tastebuds. Alternatively, you could pack carrot sticks or celery if your little one prefers those!

Check out this cute idea! @jodie_tranter88 has used rice crackers with peanut butter and green apple to make it less messy and easier to hold when you’re on the move.

Mini pancakes

Mini pancakes are wonderful travel snacks because they can be prepared ahead of time and are always a winner for sweet tooths! If your little one doesn’t like their pancakes plain, simply put their favourite topping on top, place two pancakes together and pop into a lunchbox or snap lock bag – mess free!

We love this post from @yukinak1010 which shows some colourful ways to play around with healthy topping ideas!


Fruit salad

Fresh, nutritious and delicious! A fresh fruit salad is an easy, healthy snack to pack for the kids that is full of fibre and vitamins.

Tip: Add frozen grapes to your fruit salad, so that it keeps everything else nice and cold while you’re on the road!

We love @picnictimecafe’s post – A great portable fruit cup would be super easy to pass to the kids. Remember to pack wipes for those sticky fingers!


Homemade muffins

Muffins are a fabulous snack because each one is a serve, so the little sweet tooth in your life won’t go overboard. Muffins are also great because there’s so many varieties you can make! You can opt for sweet or savoury, depending on preference. Two of our favourite flavour combinations are apple and cinnamon, and zucchini and feta!

Here is a mouth-watering Apple and Oatmeal Cups recipe that looks super easy to whip up before a trip with the family.



We love popcorn because it’s a healthy alternative to chips and biscuits. Plain popcorn is delicious on its own but it’s nice to change things up every now and then! You could try adding cheese, peanut butter or cinnamon on top next time for yummy coated popcorn!

Would you ever try cider vinegar like @plentyfullme does?



There are so many dip flavours out there! Hummus, capsicum, spinach, french onion…the list goes on! We recommend packing your preferred dip inside a small airtight container along with some biscuits, carrot and celery sticks for dipping.

We found this helpful video by Pick Up Limes of a few quick and easy vegan dips


Don’t forget to pack a drink bottle for your little one too – it’s important to always stay hydrated! Now, what to pack all these yummy snacks into? These will all fit perfectly in the Kooshy Kids On-The-Go Parent Backpack, with room to spare for their favourite toys and activities!