Inflatable Sky Bunk

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Introducing the new, best-selling Inflatable Sky Bunk from Kooshy Kids – your child's ultimate travel companion that guarantees a serene flight experience for the whole family. These have been flying out the door, we've had to reorder many more times than we expected -everyone loves them and you will too!

Transform any seat into a cosy slumber spot with the Inflatable Sky Bunk. It's not just a bed; it's a haven of safety and comfort, high above the clouds.

Our unique design includes a dedicated insert for a seatbelt extender, ensuring your little one remains secure and snug throughout the journey.

Crafted for convenience, the Sky Bunk boasts an innovative air safety release valve, ensuring it stays at the same air level regardless of changes in cabin pressure. 


We've made it super easy for you, with a single valve for inflation, strategically located for effortless access by parents. This feature allows for a stress-free setup, ensuring more time for relaxation. Inflating rapidly in a mere 30 seconds with our exclusive Smart Pump Pro and then when it's time to pack away, the rapid deflation valve ensures the bunk collapses in a matter of seconds, making transitions swift and simple.

Features at a glance:

  • Loved by airlines as it does not block access to the life jackets
  • Super comfortable material and flat level design with built in sides and headrest 
  • Seatbelt extender insert for enhanced safety (Seatbelt extender can be purchased with the Sky Bunk or separately later)
  • Quick inflation under 30 seconds with Smart Pump Pro
  • Effortless deflation – the bunk deflates in only seconds
  • Made from top grade reinforced, non toxic PVC
  • Easy to clean - wipeable surface
  • Simple single valve inflation, easy for parents to use
  • More room for storage as there is space underneath the bunk
  • Adapts to fit all standard economy, premium economy, and bulk-head seats -the end section will hold the child's weight
  • Includes a drawstring backpack with internal and external zipper for easy storage
  • Designed to prevent toys from rolling away
  • Hygienic design so child does not need to lay on the plane seat to sleep...their whole body can remain on the bunk
  • Approved on over 60 airlines worldwide. 

Sky Bunk Product Comparison

Embrace the joy of flying with the Inflatable Sky Bunk, where peaceful flights lead to happy parents and delighted kids. With Kooshy Kids, the sky isn't the limit; it's just the beginning.

Most airlines will allow you to use this on a window seat and in some cases in the middle seat. You should check with your airline prior to purchasing to check whether they will allow its use in your designated seats.

We offer an approved airline guarantee, where if you are refused use on an approved airlines (following their guidelines for safe use), we will credit your sky bunk purchase. 


For a full list of approved airlines, please click here. 

Product Specs

Product Weight: 870g

Product Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm x 55cm

Age limit: It is 70cm in length, so the age limit will depend on how your child likes to sleep. Seated it can be used with legs in various positions and once again, the age will depend on how your child prefers to sit. (legs crossed, knees up, or legs out etc.) Usually, the Sky Bunk can be used comfortably to lay down for children aged 0-5 or up to 115cm tall. Whether they can stretch out or curl up depends on the aircraft type, allocated row and the space it provides between seats.

Children taller than 115cm can still benefit from the Sky Bunk as a comfort item. They can sit on it with their legs crossed or slightly bent, avoiding the discomfort of having their legs dangle without support.

The maximum weight the product can hold is 80kgs. 


The Inflatable Sky Bed is approved for use on over 60 airlines. The Sky Bunk can be inflated by mouth, although we suggest using one of our pumps such as the Smart Pump Pro. 

Added Peace of Mind with Our Repair Kit

At Kooshy Kids, we understand that even with the highest quality materials, the unexpected can happen. That's why we've designed our inflatables with longevity and practicality in mind.

To ensure you're always prepared, each of our inflatable products is compatible with the Kooshy Kids Inflatable Repair Kit – your quick fix for on-the-go. This kit contains five strong, easy-to-apply patches, perfect for mending those unexpected punctures that can occur during your adventures and can be added to your order. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Lucy Mace
So pleased I brought these sky bunks for our trip to the UK!

Very impressed with the Kooshy Kids sky bunk, and I can’t tell you enough how much these were such a huge help to me.
I was a solo Mum travelling with my two boys aged 6 and 3 from New Zealand to the UK, and by using the Sky bunks they were both able to sleep well on the flights. They both curled up on the bunks and slept for nearly 8 hours! Which meant I could get some rest!
I found it easy to get them inflated with a portable air pump, just got the boys to stand in the aisle for a minute and they were then ready to get some rest!
Extremely happy that I brought them!

Taylah Bucukovski
absolutely love it

as I was so scared to fly with a 2.5 year old I ordered the sky bunk. after just blowing it up in our lounge room he absolutely loves it. what a great product!!

Thank you, Taylah! We're so glad your little one loves the Sky Bunk. We hope it brings you both comfort and peace on your flight. Safe travels!

A must have

Easy to set up, good quality, comfortable! Our kids loved it, game changer to have uninterrupted sleep. We got into an Emirates flight with it, they only realised 11hours later that we had it and mentioned that it was not authorised on Emirates flights but didn’t make a fuss about it. We will try again on the flight back to Australia. 😜

Anita Elmaz
Best investment I’ve ever done!

I don't know where to start from… first of all, I bought two sky bunks for my 4yo and almost 3yo. We were flying from Melbourne to Switzerland with Qatar airlines two days ago. We had one stopover to Doha then another almost 6hrs to Zurich. The first flight was 16hrs and my kids slept for 10hours. Now I want to say, I bought these bunks before I read that Qatar does not approve them. I DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE PROBLEM USING THEM! If you’re staying in seats that aren’t at the exit no one will say anything. The second flight from Doha to Zurich one of the ladies said that they don’t allow it but also when she saw how it looks and that doesn’t really take much space or blocks the bottom she said it’s ok. I was so happy they allowed me to use them cause I have two toddlers and one baby. They slept amazing and I want to say to all of you who made them, THANK YOU! I wouldn’t have had an amazing flight without you. God bless 💕

Dior Chantelle
Very well slept babies

I wasn’t really sure if this was more a gimmick or something that would actually work. I have little twins and the airline allowed the window seat and the one next to it to be used. The girls were super happy on them and once the lights were out they slept the entire flight 🤷‍♀️ I was pretty grateful to not have a baby on my lap for a change.

Hi Dior, thank you for your review! We're so pleased to hear that the Sky Bunk turned out to be a game changer for your flight with your twins. We love this photo, they look so comfy :) Here's to many more peaceful journeys with your little ones!