Kooshy Kids Kooshion Safe Use Guideines

The Kooshy Kids Kooshion should be used under the following conditions;

  • It is packed and securely stowed during taxi, take-off and landing and is only inflated once the seatbelt sign is switched off
  • It is not used in an exit row
  • It does not block access to the aisle for other passengers
  • The rapid deflation valves must face the aisle for easy access
  • The child's seatbelt is fastened at all times
  • Children using the Kooshion should be supervised at all times
  • Children’s feet/legs should be placed on the Kooshion rather than their heads

*You can ask for an extender/infant belt to assist with this and to avoid the seatbelt becoming a choking hazard.



It should only be used in the seats pictured below or according to specific airline guidelines.

    Plane seat map

    To assist with being permitted use of the product onboard, please ensure that you follow the guidelines above, the instructions from the crew and watch our safety video