Kooshy Kloud

Kooshy Kloud FAQs


Are they washable?

YES! We recommend you use a warm soapy cloth and then thoroughly dry. Alternatively you can wipe thoroughly using a disinfectant wipe. 

How long do they take to inflate? Do I need a pump. 

Approx. 15 seconds (by mouth). A pump is not necessary, however will certainly inflate the Kloud faster. 

Does it need to be fully inflated? 

You can choose how full to inflate it. Some prefer it firm, whilst others prefer it to be more flexible and squishy. The choice is yours, however we prefer a bit of squish. 

How long do they take to deflate?

Approx. 3-5 seconds. You just need to fold the Kloud so that the air escapes through the valve. (use your finger to help with the air escaping). 

Are there any airline restrictions? 

No. There are no airline restrictions for this product. 

Who can use it?

Everyone! It was designed for mothers with infants to use on their laps and for children to use as a pillow that hugs them. Adults can also use it on the window seat. 

What are the dimensions? 

Here are the dimensions, once inflated. 

Kooshy Kloud Dimensions

Once deflated it fits easily in your hand and is approx 20 cm x 15cm x 5cm. 


Why would I need a Kloud? 

Some of the benefits include:

  • No more carting around pillows that take up all of your hand luggage space (lightweight and small)
  • No more arm rest battles and discomfort 
  • No more tired arms from holding your baby
  • Your children can stay in their own space instead of sprawling out all over your lap 
  • A comfortable flat space for your baby to rest
  • No airline restrictions that other inflight comfort devices may have.
  • It can also be used at home, at the airport or on buses and trains. It's also a great feeding pillow for when you're on the go! 

Is there any safety advice for the product? 

Yes. Always supervise your children whilst using this product and ensure you take care when placing an infant on the Kloud whilst on your lap. Airline seatbelts/extenders should be used whenever you are seated.