Universal Cushion Cover - For Safe & Hygienic Travels

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Our Universal Cushion Cover protects your cushion investment from germs, by providing a barrier between the cushion and parts of the aircraft (floor, wall and seats). 

The cover is made from anti-bacterial (washable) polyester, contains two reinforced access points for the valves to fit through, so it can still be rapidly deflated if required. The cover also has a drawstring so that it can be placed on the cushion loosely or tightly. 

The cover will also protect your cushion from wear and tare and other potential damage. 

The cover's design ensures that it fits other cushion brands that contain the same large deflation valves as the Kooshy Kids Kooshion. (See FAQs below). The cover is lightweight (100g) and compact. 

You can have the cover placed over the cushion (when deflated) ready to go for your flight, or bring it out sparely during your flight and inflate your cushion inside the cover. 



How do I clean the cover?

The cover can be cleaned using disinfectant wipes, by soaking in soapy water or by spraying with disinfectant. 

How do I care for the cover?

The cover’s rings are delicate and so you need to be extra gentle and careful when pulling through the valves. 

Will the cover fit other brands such as Plane Pal or Fly Tot?

The cover will fit Plane Pal and Fly Tot cushions that have two valves, placed in the same position as the Kooshy Kids Kooshion. 

Customer Reviews

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A great add-on

I got this to put on my cushion as it got pretty dirty after so much use. This is a great way to keep it clean and off the germy floor 🤢 If you plan on using your cushion more than once then it’s a must that you grab yourself one of these.