5 Important Traveling Safe Tips That Every Family Should Know...

5 Important Traveling Safe Tips That Every Family Should Know...

5 Important Traveling Safe Tips That Every Family Should Know...

When it comes to travelling with kids, safety is a must. The perfect combination of common sense mixed in with a touch of technology can help to keep both you and your family safe and sound whilst on the go.

Perfect packing. When you’re leaving for a trip, it’s important to pack a lot more than just clothes, shoes and sunblock. Always make sure to have your mobile phone and charger with you at all times, and make sure the battery is fully charged before you leave home. A portable phone charger/power bank is handy when you're out and about sightseeing all day. Also if you're visiting a foreign country a power plug adaptor may be needed to recharge your phone. Your phone gives you the ability to stay connected from anywhere and really is a great safety item – not to mention it's great for taking all those happy snaps and sharing them online! 

Money matters. When traveling, it’s never a good idea to carry large amounts of cash. Instead, carrying one credit card will help to ensure that you are protected against theft. In the unlikely event that your wallet or purse is stolen, you can report it to the credit card provider  immediately to prevent unauthorized use. For this reason, it’s important that you carry a list of telephone numbers for your credit card provider(s) so that you can contact them immediately. This information should be kept separate from your wallet so that it will still be in your possession even if your card is not.

Stay in touch. Always make sure to let a friend or family member know where you are going and where you will be staying during your time away, and that you will have your mobile phone/s with you for contact. It’s a good idea to let your friend or family member know that you will be calling when you arrive at your destination and keep in touch occasionally while you are away. 

Keep important numbers handy. Anytime you travel, it’s important to make a note of local emergency numbers, including hospitals, authorities, taxi services and other businesses that you think may be able to assist you if needed. Particularly if you’re travelling with kids, who can be accident prone, it's reassuring to know that you have the right number to call for help. You can find these numbers online or ask you hotel concierge or accommodation host for them. 

Do your homework. One of the greatest things about travelling, is the ability to see new things and experience new places, but it’s also important to keep safety in mind whilst exploring. Always have an accurate map of the area, which you can obtain on arrival from your accommodation provider or download on your phone when you have Wi-Fi connection (you can still use the map without Wi-Fi if you have pre-downloaded the area you're in). Or if you're keen on homework, you could look at a map of your destination online or even print one out before you leave to get to know the area in advance, and then feel like a pro navigating your way around. It may seem obvious, but always travel in well lit areas and avoid places that seem to be deserted, especially after dark and in locations that you are unfamiliar with.

Now that you know how to protect yourself and your family during your time spent away from home, remember to enjoy all of the wonders that await you on your next holiday with the ones that you love.