The Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide

The Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide

The Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide

The Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide

The Toddler years are the most important years for learning and development for your child. Their physical, emotional and cognitive development is in overdrive as they grow from a baby to a toddler. They are learning social and emotional skills, their language develops from single words to complex sentences, and they use play to explore and understand the world around them.

This is why we love travelling with toddlers. It provides an amazing opportunity for them to learn and develop, experience and explore things in a new environment and meet new people. A holiday with a toddler also provides you with more quality time spent together as family, where you can really watch your toddler grow and you will gain precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course toddlerhood can also be an intense time for parents and children, so whether your travelling or not, it is good to keep toddlers busy, and provide fun and flexible play options to support their learning and development!


By the time you’ve reached the Toddler years, you can be drowning in toys, so it’s always nice to discover new and amazing brands to support! So here 5 great toddler products we think you and your toddler will love, and they will help you support your toddlers learning and development!

  1. Out & About

If your travelling or even just getting out of the house with a toddler, it pays to have the right bag to carry all the essential items for a successful outing.  Many parents find that when they move from catering for a baby into a toddling toddler, a fancy over-the-shoulder nappy bag just doesn't cut it! You need both hands free to grab, dive and hold the hand of a newly walking babe. That’s where our amazing Kooshy Kids ‘On-The-Go Parent Backpack’ comes in! It lets you have both hands free, and carry EVERYTHING you need for a day out.


  1. Language Skills

Supporting your toddler’s language development is one of the most rewarding things about having a toddler. Watching them go from single words to full sentences and stories is one of the most obvious ways in which your child changes. You will love using Two Little Ducklings flash cards! You can start with identifying animals, colours etc, and move as your toddler grows into looking for letters and sorting the cards into groups.


  1. Dinner Time

Dinner can be hard at the best of times with toddlers. One of the best things you can do is make meal times fun AND easy! The amazing products from We Might Be Tiny are beautifully stylish (yay for mum!), fun for kids AND easy to clean! Check out their oh so cool placies and snackies!


  1. Role Play

Play-dough is a fantastic indoor activity for toddlers, and if you have thought about making it yourself but realized you have enough cooking to do, you will love the amazing naturally scented play-dough by Happy Hands Happy Heart. Get creative with you toddler and enjoy making all sorts of wonderful creations with your happy hands. This is a great travel friendly product and activity too.

Choosing educational toys that can be used in role-playing helps encourage and develop your child's imagination so check out these awesome OK Dolls! Ok Dolls create aspirational dolls with inspirational careers and when kids get their hands on them, they love them! 

  1. Record it all

Of course, as you watch your child grow, you’ll want to record every precious moment! The Blueberry Co Monochrome Toddler Book is the perfect Toddler diary to record every amazing milestone and all the hilarious ones too!


Want to win them all?

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