Lugabug (Child Travel Seat)


A snug seat for tired feet! 

What is Lugabug® 

A compact child’s travel seat that secures to your luggage without taking up extra space - makes traveling with children fun, safe and convenient. Is lightweight, versatile, , stylish, durable and comfortable.

An ideal accessory for the minimalist traveler and a snug seat for tired feet.

Why you need one?

No need for a  it carries your child for you, frees up a hand and helps get you to your flight on time! 

Recommended for children 2 years and up, with a weight limit of 27kgs. Lap strap is included.

Lugabug has been designed in partnership with leading industry experts. It is overbuilt using the highest quality material for durability, comfort and safety. Each seat is constructed with 1000 denier nylon and lined on the inside by 3D spacer mesh to ensure comfort and breathability.


Durable - overbuilt using the highest quality material

Comfortable - lined by 3D spacer mesh for greater breathability 

Compact - measures 33 x 34.5 x 3.8 cms

Light weight - only 500g

Flexible - can be rolled and folded

Adjustable - straps fit most suitcase sizes/styles

Multi-functional -  can be used as a travel seat, an extra pocket when hung over luggage, a camp chair and/or a sitting pad. The top strap can also be re-hooked to the side straps and be worn over the shoulders to carry extra belongings.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended age and weight when using my Lugabug?

The Lugabug is intended for use by one child, age 2 or older, with a maximum weight of 27kgs. 

The recommended age of 2 years is based on the average child's ability to climb up/down or on/off things unassisted. Many toddlers have used the seat at earlier ages when able to sit/stand independently, parent discretion.

Is there a lap strap?

Yes, a lap strap is included.

Lugabug was made to ensure the child fits snug and secure. It is designed to use with or without a lap strap. We know some prefer the flexibility of their child independently getting in and out of their seat. Others prefer to use a lap strap to ensure the child is in fact an arm’s length away.

What kind of luggage material works best with my Lugabug?

Wheeled luggage made of soft-sided ballistic nylon, other nylon fabrics or polyester material. Luggage made of poly-carbonate, or hard sided material, is not recommended. When a poly-carbonate bag is used with Lugabug, it’s possible the bag will compress causing your child to slope to one side. 

What size luggage can be used with my Lugabug?

Standard carry-on luggage sizes range between 18” to 22”. ​Small totes functionally work with Lugabug yet the mobility depends on the size of your child and the structure and quality of the tote. Standard checked luggage sizes range between 23” to 32”. The Lugabug dimensions are 13” x 13” with top, side and angle straps for adjusting to any standard small to large sized luggage.

What luggage brands are known for their durability and quality?

The following luggage brands offer a wide variety in price and have been routinely named for their quality and durability: Tumi, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox (Swiss Army) and Travel Pro Crew 10 Series. We are also big fans of REI Wheeled Duffels or the eBag TLS Motherlode Wheeled Duffel.

How do I secure Lugabug to my luggage?

Securing Lugabug to your luggage can be done in matter of seconds in (3) easy steps: 

-Slip the adjustable strap over the top of your luggage handle,

- Attach the side strap around the back,

- Hold onto the luggage handle while your child sits in the seat, tilt back and off you go! 

For optimal weight distribution, ease and agility when pulling your child, inspect that the Lugabug is level and centered on the front of the suitcase. It is important to make adjustments using the top, side and angle straps as outlined in the instructions to ensure maximum comfort. 

What colour is the Lugabug? 

The new model Lugabug that Kooshy Kids stocks is black with grey features. 

Can my child sit on their Lugabug if the suitcase is not being pulled?

It is important to read all product warnings and instructions prior to using your Lugabug. Never leave your child unattended when the Lugabug is attached to luggage in an open, seated position.

What multi-functional uses exist with Lugabug? 

Lugabug is multi-functional and versatile : used as a travel seat, an extra pocket when hung over luggage, a camp chair and/or a sitting pad. The top strap can also be rehooked to the side straps and be worn over the shoulders to carry extra belongings.