5 Myths About Travelling With Kids

5 Myths About Travelling With Kids

5 Myths About Travelling With Kids

We hear A LOT about the negatives while travelling with children.

Whether it be about the plane ride, how they won’t remember or how you won’t be able to relax.... Kooshy Kids is writing this to debunk these myths and make sure you give your kids some of the greatest memories and experiences of their life!

Myth #1: Travelling with kids is expensive

Travelling with more than two is always going to be more expensive. It’s a good idea to do some research and try to travel to places during their off-season. For example, Paris in winter is always going to be cheaper than during summer. Try and stay slightly out of major cities or towns. Smaller towns are sometimes prettier, and almost always a lot cheaper. You can always take day trips to the major cities to tick the sight-seeing items off your bucket list!

It's also worth checking out if any places have deals for kids. “Kids eat free” or “kids stay free”! If you have kids that have an appetite like mine, this can be a BARGAIN! 

Myth #2: Travelling with kids is not safe

It’s important to keep your wits about you when travelling, regardless if whether you have children. Do your research about family friendly cities and attractions and base your trips around this.

If you consider how many people around the world travel, the amount of horror stories you hear is very minimal and even more less likely for those who are vigilant. 



Myth #3: The kids won’t even remember the trip

AHHHHH! I hate hearing people saying this. Your toddler won’t remember the books that you read to them, but do you stop reading to them? No!  

I travel A LOT and I am always questioned..."why take them there, they won't remember?" Even if they are extra young….YOU will remember. YOU will remember the look on their face when they saw Minnie Mouse or when they came down that waterslide for the first time. These memories are priceless....if not for them, then for you. 

Most activities are good for children’s development and help build relationships. Just being in a different place, with new surroundings and experiencing new things is such an important element of growing up. They may not remember specifics, but they will appreciate these experiences one day. 

Myth #4: Travelling with kids is all about theme parks

There is something for kids to do everywhere, that doesn’t necessarily include theme parks. Of course, kids love a day on rides, but we can guarantee that you will find something to keep your kid’s entertained during your trip, wherever you go. Google and Trip Advisor can be your best friend when coming up with ideas of what to do with kids in foreign places. 

Myth #5: You won’t have any fun bringing the kids

Yes...being a parent doesn’t stop when you go overseas. Of course you are still responsible for your kids, but you can always have a few hours to treat yourself to some pampering or dinner for just the two of you or with friends. Try to stay at hotels that offer babysitting services or have a Kids Club, so that you can enjoy some alone time occasionally. 


Hopefully we have convinced you to let your little ones explore the world with you. They’ll appreciate it in the long run (even if they don’t remember)!

Kooshy Kids has so many products that can help you along the way and make your trip with the kids as stress-free as possible. Make sure to check out our range before your travel next. 

As always, Kooshy Kids wishes you safe and "Kooshy" travels x