5 Money Saving Hacks When Travelling With Kids

5 Money Saving Hacks When Travelling With Kids

5 Money Saving Hacks When Travelling With Kids

Travelling always puts a dint in the bank account, throw some kids in the mix and...WOW...the dint can become a huge hole! 

We have put together a list of our best money saving hacks so that you can get the most out of your next family holiday and relieve some of the money stress!

 1. Try to limit eating out

If you can, try and only eat one meal a day out at a restaurant or café. Stock up at the local supermarket and eat or make breakfast at your accommodation and pack a lunch when possible. If your hotel has an included buffet, try to take a few pieces of fruit or other snacks with you - some hotels won't mind. You will be surprised how much money you will save by not eating out as much. 

 2. Stay outside of the city

You will be surprised by how culturally rich and beautiful some of the little towns are. You can always book a day trip into the heart of the big city! Trust us, not only will the accommodation most certainly be cheaper, the food is usually better away from the touristy parts...winning! 


3. Travel off-season

Try and plan a trip in the off-season. It’ll be quieter so you’ll probably be able to squeeze in more activities for the kids and not have to waste ridiculous amounts of time in queues! Summer in Europe is lovely, but have your kids ever seen snow?

4. Book a room with a kitchen or kitchenette

Being able to prepare snacks and keep drinks cool will go a long way when you’re out and about. No need to stop for something to eat and or drink when you can prepare this in your accommodation.



 5. Check for family discounts

Whether it be cheaper meals for kids or discounted rates at theme parks etc, it’s always worth asking or Googling! It's also worth checking with your accommodation for discounts on interconnecting rooms for bigger families. 




We hope these few quick and easy tips help you save a little bit of money on your next family trip. The money you save on small things like foodcan allow you to indulge in some bigger, more important things!

As always, we wish you safe and "kooshy" travels x