Four Reasons You Should Take Your Kids To The Snow

Four Reasons You Should Take Your Kids To The Snow

Four Reasons You Should Take Your Kids To The Snow

 Are you bored of the same old family trips? Whether that be trip to the cinemas, or even the beach (hard to think you could get sick of that!), the same old thing can get pretty boring. Especially in the middle of winter, when the beach just isn’t an option. Have you thought about a trip to the snow? There’s definitely a lot of preparation necessary for a snow visit, but we know your kids will thank you for it! Heres why we think you should definitely take you kids to the snow this winter. 


 Reason 1. Gives them a chance to build a snowman and make snow angels 

All the best Christmas movies has at least one snowman and snow angel scene, and for those of us that live in Australia, there aren't very many chances to have this experience. Let your kids live out their snow dreams and give them the opportunity to make a snowman. They’ll be talking about it for years after. 

 Reason 2. Great excuse for a hot choccy! 

Nothing better than a hot chocolate by an open fire after time in the snow. Hot choccy is always a good idea, but your kids will be extra impressed when they come in wet and cold after their snow angel making. 



Reason 3. Snow activities are great exercise 

Depending on how old your kids are, learning to ski and snowboard is such a fun way to keep them active and smiling! People learning to snowboard and ski is always a funny scene, meaning the laughs will be happening allllll day. What a better way to bond as a family, while also staying active?  

Reason 4. They’ll have something exciting for Snow-and-Tell 
Okay, pardon the pun, but it’s true! Your kid/s will be the talk of the playground and their teacher will probably appreciate the change from the countless recounts of their favourite game they played or a movie they recently watched.  


Taking a snow trip is such a fun and different activity for your family, and we do think your kids will love it! It’s an experience that we often don’t get living in Australia, unless you live in the right spot. It is definitely a worthy experience that your kids will appreciate. 
Happy snow ball fights!