Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip

Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip

Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip

Travelling can be stressful. There’re always hundreds of things on your mind. Have you got everyone’s passports? Phones? Meds? Boarding passes? On top of that, you need to worry about money, bookings and knowing your way around. We have come up with a list of 8 must-have apps that you can download to take the stress out of travelling!

But first, we'll start with some quick tips!

Make sure that you pre-download all of the Netflix episodes you want before your plane trip. You’re not always going to like in-flight entertainment, so it’s best to come prepared just in case! Once pre-downloaded you can watch without WiFi. You can also download music from Spotify so you can listen wherever you are! 

  • Make sure you have your KontraBand Headphones because nobody likes to get tangled in headphone wires and the whole plane doesn't need to hear to your kids' shows!
  • Always register your trip with Smart Traveller. This is important because if something goes while you’re overseas, the government is able to find and help you.
  • Make sure you buy a SIM card at the destination airport if you want data while you're travelling. (Unless you are with Vodafone who offer unlimited overseas data for only $5 a day). 
  • Choose your Ultimate Travelling Kit! Give your kids a break from screen time and keep them occupied with the Kooshy Kids Ultimate Travel Kit!

Now that we’ve got you thinking, here are some must have apps for your next overseas trip!

Google Translate

If you’re travelling somewhere where you don’t speak the language, you’ll find Google’s free translation app very useful. Simply type in the words you need to translate, pick a target language, and away you go.

 Xe Currency

This app is super useful to quickly figure out the exchange rate. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re spending a few dollars and then realising it was actually quite a lot more! It’s extremely helpful if you’re travelling to a heap of different countries that have different currencies, and definitely, a must-have on your phone.



There are many different offline reading apps available, and Pocket is one of the best. On Pocket, you can save a bunch of articles to read on long journeys, along with any information you need for your destination—attractions, booking details, restaurant recommendations—and access it all without an Internet connection.

 Google Maps

I’m sure most of you already have this app on your phone anyway, but it is extremely helpful! It can be used all over the world and can help you with obvious things like directions, as well as real-time public transport. Such a necessity when you’re travelling with your family – you should always have some idea of where you’re going, or at least how to get back to your bed at the end of the day. It will so give you times for walking vs driving vs public transport etc. 

 Sit or Squat

Sit or Squat scans a database of over 100,000 restrooms that have been rated “sit” (good) or “squat” (bad) by users to show those close to you. This is the must-have app when you're exploring a new city with kids!

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a great App for the planners out there! The people who like knowing where to eat, stay and the sites they need to see, will appreciate Trip Advisor! It’s also good because it keeps all of your bookings in the one place, making it a one-stop-shop, and making everything a little bit easier!

International SOS

Although you need to register for this App, it is a great tool to have at all times. You can call for assistance at all times, access mobile-friendly medical and travel security information, and eventually personalises to your usual travel routes and favourite destinations. It is such a crucial App as it has you, and your family’s, safety as its number one priority.

And of course, don’t forget to download your bank App. You should always have access to your money, even when travelling. It’s important to register your trip through the App, so they know that there will be activity on your card overseas. You definitely don’t want them to cut your spending off when you’re in the middle of a foreign country!

We hope this takes a little bit of stress out of your holiday. To make sure that you don’t have any tantrums, ensure you have the kids' favourite games already downloaded. Better yet...head to our website to pick up an Ultimate Travel Kit. That will definitely keep them entertained..and you can even grab a Reloaded kit for the trip home! 


As always, we wish you safe and "kooshy" travels x