Tips for Packing Your Carry-On

Tips for Packing Your Carry-On

Tips for Packing Your Carry-On

Packing before a trip can be very stressful. It can become even more stressful when you have to pack for not only yourself, but for a family.

Children have many additional needs, depending on age, and these can be an added hassle when packing your carry-on.

Kooshy Kids have come up with some tips to take the stress out of packing and to make sure your travel experience as easy as possible!

Always Pack More Than You Think You’ll Need (when you’re with your family)

 You never know what could happen. Flights could get delayed, “accidents” can occur resulting in the need for more nappies, or spillage on clothes. Make sure you come prepared extra nappies/clothes and activities to make sure everything runs smoothly and extra food for your kids. Snacks, snacks and more snacks are always a MUST for any plane trip! 

Section your suitcase

This makes finding what you need easy, even if it’s dark or your short on room, as airplanes can be very squishy! Dividing up things into sections with the use of packing cubes or other containers makes the collection very easy. A bag for activities/toys, a bag for food, a bag for nappies/toiletries etc. That also makes collecting everything at the end of the trip easy and packing the carry-on again a lot quicker!


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Pack The Most Important Things At The Top

Be sure to keep things that are important at the top of your carry-on, so they are easily accessible. Things like your travel essentials (passports, boarding passes, phones etc), medication and even nappies – you never know when you’ll need that emergency nappy!

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Pack A Shawl Or Large Scarf

You don’t always have the room for a blanket in your carry on, but planes do get quite cold, especially if you’re flying at night. To avoid this discomfort, pack a shawl or an oversized scarf that you, or your child, can use as a blanket to make sure everyone is comfortable.


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It should be noted that you should be aware of the airline’s rules and regulations, especially regarding liquids and foods.

If your child needs special formula, or food, make sure you have that available in containers that meet the regulations.

As always, we wish you safe and "Kooshy" travels x