Code of Conduct

At Kooshy Kids, we are committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism. This Code of Conduct outlines the principles and guidelines that all employees, contractors, and representatives of Kooshy Kids must adhere to in order to ensure ethical behaviour and maintain our reputation as a trusted and responsible company. By following this code, we contribute to the success and sustainability of our organization.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

We are dedicated to complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and legal obligations in the countries and regions where we operate. This includes, but is not limited to, laws related to product safety, labour practices, environmental protection, data privacy, and fair competition. All employees must familiarise themselves with the relevant laws and regulations and act in accordance with them.

  1. Ethical Business Practices:

We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in our business practices. This includes:

a. Honesty and Integrity: Acting honestly, ethically, and transparently in all interactions, both internally and externally, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

b. Fair Competition: Competing fairly and honestly in the marketplace, respecting intellectual property rights, and avoiding anti-competitive practices.

c. Gifts and Entertainment: Exercising caution and discretion when giving or receiving gifts, entertainment, or other business courtesies, ensuring they do not create an obligation or compromise ethical judgment.

d. Bribery and Corruption: Prohibiting any form of bribery, kickbacks, or corrupt practices. We strictly comply with anti-bribery laws and regulations.

  1. Respect for Human Rights and Labor Standards:

We are committed to upholding human rights and labour standards, and we expect all individuals associated with Kooshy Kids to do the same. This includes:

a. Non-Discrimination: Treating all individuals with respect and dignity, regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic.

b. Forced Labour and Child Labour: Prohibiting the use of forced labour and child labour in any part of our operations or supply chain.

c. Fair Treatment and Working Conditions: Providing a safe and healthy working environment, fair compensation, reasonable working hours, and respecting the rights of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

  1. Environmental Responsibility:

We recognise our responsibility to protect the environment and strive to minimize our environmental footprint. This includes:

a. Sustainable Practices: Promoting sustainable business practices, including resource conservation, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing of materials.

b. Environmental Compliance: Complying with all environmental laws, regulations, and standards applicable to our operations.

  1. Data Privacy and Information Security:

We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal and confidential information. This includes:

a. Data Protection: Handling personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations and ensuring appropriate security measures are in place to protect confidential information.

b. Intellectual Property: Respecting the intellectual property rights of others and ensuring the proper use and protection of Kooshy Kids' intellectual property.

  1. Social Responsibility:

We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen and positively contribute to the communities in which we operate. This includes:

a. Community Engagement: Engaging in activities that support and benefit local communities and organisations.

b. Philanthropy and Volunteerism: Encouraging and supporting employees in their efforts to contribute to charitable causes and community service.

  1. Reporting Violations:

We encourage all employees, contractors, and stakeholders to report any suspected violations of this Code of Conduct. Reports can be made confidentially and without fear of retaliation to the appropriate channels established by Kooshy Kids.

By following this Code of Conduct, we ensure that Kooshy Kids operates with integrity, maintains a positive reputation, and builds trust with our customers, partners, and stakeholders. Adherence to this Code is essential for all individuals associated with Kooshy Kids, regardless of their role or position.

Failure to comply with this Code may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or contractual relationship. We are committed to investigating and addressing any reported violations promptly and taking appropriate corrective actions.

This Code of Conduct is a living document that may be updated from time to time to reflect changes in laws, regulations, or business practices. All individuals associated with Kooshy Kids are responsible for familiarising themselves with the latest version of the Code and applying its principles in their daily work.

By upholding this Code of Conduct, we demonstrate our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices and contribute to the success and sustainability of Kooshy Kids.